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Spoliate This! podcast

Nov 14, 2019

Have we reached the tipping point of needing to preserve, collect and review smartphone data during the legal discovery process? Our host is joined by legal and eDiscovery veteran Tom O'Connor to discuss the prevalence of mobile devices in litigation proceedings, whether you need to collect them, pitfalls of mobile forensic collections, and the type of information they contain.

...and whatever you do don't say he lives in N'awlins!

Information on our guest Tom O'Connor:

About our host:
Shawn Huston is Co-founder of LSP Data Solutions, a national eDiscovery service and technology provider. Shawn is an industry veteran working on high profile matters across the country over the last twenty-five years.

LSP Data solutions is recognized as a leader in the eDiscovery and legal technology space providing computer forensics services, discovery data processing and review solutions, expert project management and consulting, and custom discovery data solutions on proprietary and big data information systems.